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School is currently closed until further notice. Please email any enquiries or questions to enquiries@wnp.wwpat.org 

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Wickersley Northfield Primary School will have a strong, happy and caring ethos. It will be a place where children, staff, parents, governors and the community matter, deserve to be respected, are listened to and valued. There will be a strong sense of teamwork, where everyone works together to achieve common goals.

Children are at the centre of everything that happens in school. They have an entitlement to the best possible education. This will be achieved by all staff, doing everything possible to promote the interest of each and every pupil, to foster self-esteem and enable them to achieve the highest standards and equip them with the skills to become life-long learners.Children only have one chance in their education and therefore we believe in providing the best.

It is our intention to provide a curriculum which is broad,balanced, rich and challenging to meet the needs of all pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs and English as a second language. It will include first-hand experience and be taught effectively using an appropriate range of teaching strategies. This will be achieved through consistently high quality teaching and learning. Children's achievements will be recognised across the whole curriculum to improve confidence and self-esteem. There will be emphasis on the use of praise to achieve a positive effect in all subjects. Provision of a range of extra-curricular activities will enrich and enhance the curriculum.

There will be quality provision both inside and outside which will include consistency in organisation and management of classrooms to facilitate children's learning and independence. The school will be led by an Head Teacher, who has a passionate commitment to education, based upon deeply held values and beliefs which include the desire to serve pupils, parents and the community. They will be supported by the Chief Executive Officer, Leadership Team and Governors in the strategic thinking and direction of the school.

School Aims
The school aims to provide quality education for children between three and eleven years of age.
Our aim is to provide high standards of teaching and learning through:
  • Providing a welcoming, secure environment in which children are responded to as individuals, stimulated to achieve the highest standards possible and equipped with the skills to become life-long learners.
  • Providing a curriculum which is broad balanced, rich and challenging, to meet the needs of all pupils.
  • Having school rules which are negotiated and consistently applied and therefore provide a framework for behaviour and discipline which is founded on respect and responsibility within and outside the school community.
  • Developing the children's moral values and raise their awareness towards an understanding of other races, religions and cultures.
  • Building a constructive partnership between home, school and the wider community.