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Sports Premium

As a direct impact of the Sports Premium funding we are delighted to announce we achieved the Silver School Games Award

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Reviewing the use and impact of the PE and sport premium


Total amount of Sports premium grant received for 2018/2019 19600 pounds


Total amount of Sport premium grant received for 2017/2018 18100 pounds

Live and Learn are currently providing CPD for 3GS, 4ER and 5LW. They are currently following the school teaching programme and showing staff different ways to teach the skills of PE, not just the sports. This is in line with all other classes in school.

Live and Learn

Live and Learn provide two 1 hour training sessions after school (Wednesday and Thursday). On a Wednesday these sessions are in preparation for sports festivals, where children for each team are invited for extra coaching sessions. A timetable for these sessions was worked out in September to make sure all festivals are prepared for.

Thursday sessions in the Autumn 1, Spring1, Spring 2 and Summer 1 half terms are fixture nights arranged and supervised by Live and Learn staff.These are training matches resulting in a league, allowing children to track their progress week to week.Parents and children have all commented that they enjoy this league aspect as it generates more of a team spirit rather than just a one off tournament and has been improved on this year by having longer leagues so children get to play more matches.

Autumn 2 and Summer 2 sees Live and Learn staff run the physical activity sessions linked in with our Change4Life club, which complements the healthy living sessions run on a Tuesday lunchtime by Miss Proctor.

Live and Learn also hold termly meetings where staff from the cluster schools get together and discuss the sports festivals for the coming half term and evaluate the competitions held that term. This has been useful as it has helped to clarify rules and expectations.

Sports Competitions (Cluster Round)

Children have once again enjoyed being part of the school teams and are excited to already know the different schools they are competing against this year.

When teams have won they have progressed onto the Rotherham round of competition provided by the RotherValley School Sports Partnership.

The U11 boys cross country team have progressed onto the South Yorkshire School Games round where they will compete against schools from Rotherham, Doncaster, Sheffield and Barnsley at Cannon Hall.


We have developed a Change4Life club for Y3 (Autumn 2) and Y4 (Summer 2). Up to 28 children can attend the club for their designated half term and they have two sessions each week. We found that the same children were receiving the free sports coaching from Live and Learn and wanted to extend this to as many children in school as possible. On a Tuesday children bring a packed lunch and have a session in the classroom looking at ways they can be healthier,including looking at food packaging and ways to get more exercise in their day by having active journeys to school.After school on a Thursday they then have a 1 hour physical activity session run by Live and Learn where they play different sports and enjoy being active.

Children have enjoyed participating in the club and some only came for the healthy living sessions due to other commitments outside of school.However in order for more children to benefit further more publicity maybe worthwhile for next time so more children take up this opportunity.